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The follies and follicles of Vee Levene
"My goal is to dominate people in their sleep."
Cross-posts from my other, which is becoming my primary, blog 
The latest (highlights) from VEE@wordpress:

Jen / Squirrel Nut Zippers
28th March 2006

Jennifer Saunders is the best organism to ever have existed.

Me: If she has to be married to someone who's not me, I guess it should be Ade.
Amber: You approve.
Me: I do.
Amber: But she'll leave him for you.
Me: Oh, no, I wouldn't want that. I'll just be her mistress.
Amber: We'll see her once in a while walking down the streets of Yellow Springs…
Me: Her hideaway vacation spot. My house. Well, my bedroom.


I've recently rediscovered the Squirrel Nut Zippers. The fusion of the old with the new is a wonderfully obscure art form that allows a reverence for the past without a nostalgia for something we can never have.


Comedy as salvation
28th March 2006

Last night, after French & Saunders' 2002 Christmas Special blew me away (literally–I was in pieces on the other side of the room), I took a shower and laughed at the memory of what I'd just experienced while the hot water assaulted my skin. I'd been really tired and stressed out, but now I laughed in the shower and was suddenly elevated.

Comedy is my salvation and has been since I discovered it as something I love and need and care for above all else when I was 17. It gives me hope, because no matter how bad things get, no matter how stressed out I get, no matter how I feel, no matter anything, life will always be beautiful because there will always be comedy, I will always be blown away, there will always be something to love.


PS. Does anyone with a paid account want to make an LJ syndicated feed for me? :)
3/31/06 (UTC)
I made a feed account here: vee_wordpress - but it isn't retrieving very well yet. I'll keep an eye on it.
4/2/06 (UTC)
thank you! :D
it seems to be working now... hooray!
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