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The follies and follicles of Vee Levene
"My goal is to dominate people in their sleep."
International Women's Day 
A post on Antioch's intranet by Judith Kintner, who runs the gym:

Yep, it's today. Check out some web sites (World Vision is good).
Call your Mom if you have a mom, or your Grandma, or your fifth grade teacher.
It's a good day to remember that worldwide, women are still oppressed, discriminated against, and disproportionately economically disadvantaged.

It would be really cool if all of us women people today took a minute to acknowledge what we have, or plan to, overcome--for ourselves or for others-- to acknowledge what it's taken for older women to be where they are, doing what they're doing.

Remember: women are dying in disproportionately high numbers due to smoking related ilnesses--maybe skip a few cigarettes today.

Remember: 30 years ago we weren't allowed to play lots of sports, we weren't allowed to play with the boys, and a lot of now-grey-haired women made sure that changed. Maybe come over to the gym and work out, or play basketball or volleyball at noon. Come play or watch rugby this afternoon.

Happy International Women's Day, Antioch Women!
3/8/06 (UTC)
Where I come from, March 8th hasn't really been viewed as a political day for number of years now, but as a day of celebration. Among my people today, women get flowers and girls get treated just a little bit more specially than on a normal day. In school, they pay special attention to the women they've learned from in history and the sciences. At home, they take mom out to dinner. I remember it as a really laid back and celebratory kind of holiday, when I was a child. I loved it, truly.

It's always bothered me to no end that the U.S. refuses to participate in two of the world's most popular holidays - this one, and the International day of the Child, on June 1st. Bah humbug. All their insular thinking has just made the matter more political than it needs to be, in the sense that proponents of the holiday in the States almost always take the time to point out the feminist aspect of it, which still rubs Congress the wrong way. But really, the point of the holiday everywhere else is to unite and help women to just plain relax about it for a day.

(My $0.02' worth is probably unusually skewed, as always though).
3/27/06 (UTC)
weeks later...

you know, i had no idea iwd was so big in other places (--ignorant american). the way you describe it makes so much more sense. you inspired me to send a bag of coffee to my mom in celebration of it. (my mom and i rarely exchange gifts, no christmas, we do dinner on birthdays, that sort of thing.) so--thank you! :)
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