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The follies and follicles of Vee Levene
"My goal is to dominate people in their sleep."
I hadn't realized WordPress.org hosts blogs on its site--WordPress.com. How novel. I've been wanting to use it for a while now, but never had the proper host or programming abilities.

So, I'm trying it out. Bear with me. I'm trying to find a new home, to incorporate both my blog and my main site. Something that's not a pain in the ass to update if I don't have internet access with my computer, which happens pretty regularly. Something pretty.

3/28/06 (UTC)
Sweet! But... but... I liked my Vee all in one place! Now what? ;-)
Seriously, congrats. I spent the better part of the afternoon browsing some awesome comics thanks to your links there. This is a good thing, and I thank you.
3/29/06 (UTC)
aw heheh.
i might eventually be all in one place... *scattered brain*

i could cross-post, i suppose... i might. for you. :)

i assume you're referring to the mikaela comics--a recent discovery of mine--she rocks my world.
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